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Elements of Risk Management Course

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Insurance Customer Service Representatives can benefit from an understanding of the risk management process. Knowing the types and classifications of exposures their clients face helps them to design more effective insurance and risk management programs. This course provides tools and techniques to identify exposures, assess impacts on clients’ assets and operations, consider loss funding/insurance options, control losses and claims. Learn to implement risk management and loss control procedures and monitor their progress.

This course covers each of these five powerful steps in the risk management process, which protects not just your client’s assets, but also their mission and brand.

Learn about the Risk Management process and how to implement it to minimize the exposures that can adversely affect an individual’s or organization’s assets and financial well-being.

Learn to identify and examine all of an organization’s exposures.

Learn how to use a variety of methods to identify and examine all of an organization’s exposures.

Assess the potential impact of identified exposures upon an organization.

Learn a set of methods or actions intended to minimize or avoid the impact of loss.

Learn about the acquisition of internal and external funds to pay for losses.

Learn about the ongoing implementation and monitoring of risk management programs, policies, and procedures.

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Meet The Course Author

Kyle Drawdy, CIC, CRM pulls from his experience as Director for the North East Florida Education Consortium to create this interactive course.

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