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Review Game

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Section 1 – Commercial Inland Marine Concepts and Coverages

What Is Inland Marine?

This video gives the participant a look into the development and history of inland marine policies.

The Importance of Purchasing Contractors Equipment Coverage

This video explains the purpose of contractors equipment coverage and why it is important for contractors to have coverage for their tools and equipment.

Section 2 – Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Explaining the Need for Employment Practices Liability Insurance

This video gives insight into why all commercial insureds, from small to large, need EPL coverage.

Section 3 – Crime Coverages and Endorsements

The Importance of Purchasing Crime Coverage

Understanding the coverage gaps in property policies is the key to selling crime coverage. This video looks at the shortfalls of other coverages and the reasons to sell crime coverage.

Section 4 – Cyber Exposures and Coverage

Common Cyber Threats

Every business that uses the internet has an exposure to cyber attacks. Understanding cyber threats can help participants identify exposures their customers have and why it’s so important to have cyber coverage in today’s world.

Section 5 – Commercial Excess/Umbrella Coverages

The Purpose of Excess Liability and Commercial Umbrella Policies

In today’s society, verdicts for bodily injury, property damage, and personal and advertising injury can be huge. Underlying policies do not always provide the limits needed by many customers. This video explains the importance of excess liability limits for these customers.

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