The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research is dedicated to employing the most effective learning tools available. To facilitate the use of current learning techniques and to improve the learning experience of our participants, The National Alliance is modifying its classroom electronic device policy as follows:

1. Approved devices are to be used only for viewing the course materials, notetaking or participating in related class activities. Allowable devices include:

  • Laptops
  • Tablets and Notebooks
  • Smart Phones**

2. Sound settings of devices:

  • Sound must be muted.
  • Earbuds or headphones are not permitted.

3. Charging of Devices:

  • Devices should be charged prior to class.

4. Digital Notebook (PDF Format):

  • Availability for download in participant’s PROfile
  • Available 7 days prior to the class and through 7 days after the last day of class

5. Resolving Distractions:

  • In the rare event the use of a personal electronic device becomes a distraction to other students, the Instructor, Educational Consultant or Program Coordinator will attempt to resolve the distraction by reseating the participant.
  • If, after an attempt has been made to resolve a distraction, the use of a device continues to distract others, the Instructor, Educational Consultant or Program Coordinator will ask the participant to discontinue the use of the device. After reasonable efforts have been made to resolve the distraction, and the participant continues to refuse to eliminate the distraction, the participant may be asked to leave the class. No CE, update credit or registration refund will be given if this occurs. The purpose of this policy is to facilitate an exceptional learning environment for all participants.

6. State Jurisdictions for the Use of Approved Devices:

The National Alliance respects the right of each state CE regulator to set their own classroom electronic device use policy. The National Alliance will strive to adjust individual classroom policies to match the requirements of different states. However, it is the responsibility of the student to understand and comply with the policy of their specific licensing state. Faculty and Education Coordinators should refer all questions regarding this policy to the National Alliance CE and/or Academic Development leadership teams.

**Except for New York, all states have approved the use of electronic devices in the classroom.

  • New York allows the use of electronic devices in the classroom but recommends that mobile phones not be used in the classroom.

7. Implementation of this Policy:

  • All Society-sponsored programs: March 2018
  • Licensee-sponsored programs: To be determined by state.

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