Dyslexia is My Super Power

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In part two of our series on diverse cognitive abilities, hosts Dustyne and Cat sit down with Natalie Russell, CIC. Natalie talks about how Dyslexia didn’t stop her from achieving success as a child, in college, or as a businesswoman but says Dyslexia taught her how to persevere and achieve success. The insurance industry is amazingly adaptive to all of our human differences.

We explore Natalie’s career path from working in her dad’s insurance office from receptionist, CSR, to producer. Her journey explored various company and agency roles before owning her own independent agency. She ultimately returned “home” to a marketing role with SafeCo out of love for the personal connections she enjoys making with agents. She explains that she thrives when her agency partners thrive.

We also dive into education and the understanding that there is broad industry education like what is offered at The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research and then there is focused carrier education that enables agents and other professionals to hone their knowledge to the products they offer.

Stay tuned and prepare to be inspired as Dustyne gets emotional as she tells Natalie about how she personally impacted her career path.

“Just goes to show you, one person can make a tremendous difference in your life.”

Dr. William T. Hold– Co-Founder & Executive Chairman at The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research

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Natalie Russel, CIC

Natalie Russel joined the Central Region Team as a Senior Territory Manager for Northwestern Arkansas.  Natalie is a familiar face to many of us as she had an 8-year tenure as a Senior Territory Manager before leaving to own and operate an independent agency in Hot Springs, AR. Natalie resides in Hot Springs with her husband, Andy, and are proud parents to twins, Cazzie and Josie, and son, Van, and the lovable Boxer, Moonpie. She has always been around the industry having started working as a teen in her family’s agency. Outside of work, Natalie loves traveling, working out, and attending kids’ sporting events.  

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