NFTs, Blockchain & Web3…Oh, My!


In this episode, host Dustyne Bryant is joined by guest host Heath Shearon (host of the Insurance Town Podcast) and guest Joe Hollier (Louisiana Agent and co-founder of NIFTY) to unpack the future of how the insurance industry may transact business with.

After unpacking the state of the hard market in states like Louisiana and Florida, Joe helps us wrap our brains around the future of technology that will impact not only insurance professionals but all business transactions. As much as we beg for change and the adoption of newer technology, change can be scary. Joe breaks down web3, metaverse, blockchain, NFTs, and more in straightforward terms that we can all understand to make it a little less scary.

Joe Hollier

As 16-year, independent insurance agent veteran, Joe Hollier has learned and seen firsthand the importance of building a community around your business and your brand. Although much of his insurance career has been based in P&C sales and risk management, he has for the last five years strategized on building a new kind of value-driven community for agents. An ecosystem that would celebrate the engagement and provide unique peer and client experiences that do not currently exist in the industry. Unwilling to let this dream go, in 2021 Joe found two like-minded partners and moved forward on launching NIFTY. Coupled with significant advances in virtual reality platforms and web3 technology, NIFTY has been able to quickly establish itself as a community platform that helps insurance agents transition from web2 to web3, or more simply stated – from today’s internet to tomorrow’s internet. Joe is married to his amazing wife Jenae and has four children: Vivienne 18, Joe 11, Emy Bea 5 and Harry 2. They currently reside in Mandeville, LA, just north of Greater New Orleans.

Heath Shearon

A 2nd Generation insurance Professional, with nearly 20 years of experience in the industry in sales and marketing. Heath’s experience is incredibly versatile. He has been an agency owner, marketing rep, producer, and podcast host. Heath has a love and passion for the insurance industry and for people and for helping agents and the like to find their voice, their unique value proposition, to find their own brand, to be the best professional that they can be, and to be successful. 

Dustyne Bryant- Personal Lines Academic Director

Dustyne Bryant,  is the Personal Lines Academic Director for The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research. In her role, Dustyne collaborates with National Alliance faculty and industry colleagues to research and analyze Personal Lines segment trends, data, and coverage in an effort to deliver relevant and quality educational content to growing insurance professionals. 

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