2023 National Outstanding Customer Service Representative Winner – Katie Shipp, CISR, CAWC


Introducing the 2023 National Outstanding Customer Service Representative: Katie Shipp, CISR, CAWC!

As a Commercial Lines Account Manager, Katie stands out for her unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer service to her clients. Her remarkable level of empathy, personal attention, and upbeat personality have earned her high regard from both clients and colleagues alike.

In a world where exceptional service is the differentiating factor, Katie goes above and beyond to ensure her clients feel valued and taken care of. With her empathetic approach, she takes the time to truly understand her clients’ needs and concerns, allowing her to provide tailored insurance solutions that safeguard their dreams.

Katie’s personal attention to detail sets her apart in the industry. She doesn’t just see clients as just clients; she recognizes the trust they place in her and takes that responsibility seriously. Through regular communication and proactive follow-ups, she builds strong relationships based on trust and reliability.

Behind the scenes, Katie works diligently to stay on top of industry trends and changes that may affect her clients. She continuously educates herself to ensure she’s equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge, enabling her to provide sound advice and guidance. Her dedication to her professional development sets an example for her colleagues and illustrates her commitment to being the best in her field.

Katie’s upbeat personality shines through in every interaction. This positive attitude not only fosters stronger relationships but also lays the foundation for a more resilient, empathetic, and thriving insurance industry.

In watching Katie’s journey, you’ll witness a true professional who embodies the core values of exceptional customer service, empathy, and continuous growth. Serving as an inspiration for all insurance professionals, showcasing what can be achieved when one goes above and beyond to safeguard the dreams of their customers.

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