A Year of Exciting Curriculum Improvements, Product Launches, and New Designees


At The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research, we are committed to continuously providing professionals with the knowledge, tools, and support needed to succeed in the risk management and insurance industry.

We are proud to share exciting new product launches and curriculum revisions released in 2023. We are confident that they will empower you to own your potential.

Additionally, we want to acknowledge and celebrate the exceptional achievements of individuals who have earned designations this year. These designations are not merely symbols of professional growth but acknowledgments of the hard work and dedication invested in advancing one’s knowledge and expertise.

NEW Products

Introduction to Employee Benefits Series

Introducing the Introduction to Employee Benefits, a comprehensive seven-part series tailored for risk and insurance professionals. 

This new series brings the world of employee benefits right to your fingertips, covering the history, evolution, and key concepts in this field. Explore essential topics such as health insurance fundamentals, legislation, common policy exclusions, and quoting. 

Dynamics of Service Series

Our comprehensive Dynamics of Service Series is a skill development program designed to enhance client service and complaint resolution strategies. 

Learn to deliver top-quality, client-centered service that helps agencies maintain and grow income. AI ChatBot exercises that provide feedback in real-time! Gain valuable insights into account retention, account rounding, documentation, and other business tools essential for achieving overall agency success.

On-Demand MEGA – 5 New Sessions

Dues-Paid Designees now have the opportunity to enroll in 5 new On-Demand MEGA Sessions:

These new pre-recorded seminars empower participants with advanced niche knowledge, enabling them to deliver exceptional service through relevant and comprehensive education.

Producer Profile 6th Edition Publication

This insightful publication provides valuable information and guidance for insurance professionals navigating the complex world of global insurance markets.

Curriculum Revisions

Revisions to our core curriculum are continuously made to ensure that our training materials align with the latest changes and advancements in the risk management and insurance industry, keeping you at the forefront of your profession.  

The following courses underwent significant curriculum revisions in 2023:

NEW Designees

We extend our warmest congratulations to the 2,149 individuals who have earned designations this year!

  • 582 CICs

  • 137 CRMs

  • 1,060 CISRs

  • 115 CISR Elite’s

  • 70 CPRMs

  • 137 CSRMs

  • 16 UACICs

  • 32 UACRMs

We firmly believe that embracing lifelong learning is essential for personal and professional growth. Together, let us strive towards innovation, ethical practices, and leadership in the risk management and insurance industry.

We look forward to continuing our commitment to providing innovative resources that help professionals in the risk management and insurance industry stay ahead of the curve, uphold ethical standards, and achieve their career goals with confidence and purpose.

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