Analysis of Risk


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Sample Test Questions

Keyword Glossary

Section 1 – Introduction to Analysis in Risk Management

Introduction to Analysis in Risk Management

This video explores the uses of risk modeling and how risk managers use it to make informed decisions 

Section 2 – Qualitative Analysis

Qualitative Analysis

Twane Duckworth, JD, MS_RMI, CIC, ARM, Risk Manager for the City of Garland Texas, explains how not all risk management decisions are based on crunching the numbers and doing a financial or quantitative analysis.

Section 3 – Quantitative Analysis Tools ​

Quantitative Analysis Tools

This video illustrates the way a risk manager uses the various Quantitative Tools.

Section 4 – Quantitative Analysis Forecasting

Quantitative Analysis Forecasting

Forecasting becomes an essential responsibility for practicing risk managers. Learn how it is applied in real-life situations.

Section 5 – TVOM Concepts and Risk Management Decisions

TVOM Concepts and Risk Management Decisions

Today’s dollar is worth more than a dollar in the future. Learn why these tools allow the risk manager to make decisions on risk management initiatives and their cost-benefit to the organization.


Handout: Present Value of a Dollar Tables

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