Awkward LIVE: Insurtech Insights, USA 2024 Session on Knowledge Gaps


This special episode of Awkward Insurance was recorded live on stage at the 2024 Insurtech Insights USA Conference

As technology advances at breakneck speed, the insurance industry struggles to trust technology and keep up. 

From left to right: Rick McCathron, Dustyne Bryant, and Melanie Fenton.

Join Dustyne Bryant, CIC, CISR, Director of Risk & Insurance Education and Research at the Risk & Insurance Education Alliance, as she moderates an insightful session on bridging the foundational knowledge gap between the tech and insurance sectors. Featuring panelists Rick McCathron, CEO of HIPPO Insurance, and Jelani Fenton, Founder of Safari and President of E.G. Bowman, this discussion explores what it takes to foster mutual understanding, build trust, and achieve better outcomes by aligning the languages of technology and risk management. Don’t miss this essential conversation on the future of insurance technology integration!

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