Big TECH Energy with Colleen O’Hara


In some agencies, TECH may feel like one of those “bad four-letter words”. Colleen O’Hara is here to change that!

In this episode of Awkward Insurance, hosts Dustyne Bryant and Ashley Fitzsimmons are joined by Fideles Advisors, Colleen O’Hara who has found her calling helping agents understand and adopt new technologies while also educating them on why technology is so important to thrive in a hard market. 

Colleen O’Hara is an accomplished executive leader whose two decades in the insurance industry have transformed the way businesses achieve growth and engagement. Beginning her journey on the front lines of the retail agency world, Colleen has carved a niche for herself by applying her unique insights to foster deep engagement, adoption, and, most importantly, advocacy within the insurance distribution channel. 

At Fideles Advisors, Colleen has been instrumental in leveraging her unparalleled grasp of insurance industry nuances to deliver strategies that drive value and set a new standard for what it means to be truly engaged in the business of insurance. Her approach, characterized by a rigorous alignment of business goals with operational processes and marketing strategies, has consistently produced measurable and scalable growth.

Colleen’s commitment to data-driven and strategic marketing has yielded remarkable results, including a dramatic restructuring of marketing teams that led to a significant revenue spike and positioning a top 100 broker brand at the forefront of the insurance industry. 

Under her leadership, Colleen’s strategic initiatives in brand management, value creation, and organic growth have not just reshaped businesses but have also set them on a path of sustained success.

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