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With vast opportunities for growth and innovation, the risk and insurance industry has become incredibly competitive. Both newbies and long-time risk and insurance professionals know that standing out among peers is critical for career advancement and success. Good professionals diligently meet the minimum requirements needed to keep their license in good standing.  

Superstar professionals do this AND prioritize earning the Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation.  

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Why earn the CIC?  

There are numerous benefits that come with obtaining the prestigious CIC insurance designation, including potential salary increases, career advancement opportunities, and increased job satisfaction. One of the biggest draws for risk and insurance professionals is how the CIC insurance designation instills confidence in discussions of coverage and exposures. Here are some of the most prominent benefits. 

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Client Benefits 

  • Practical, real-world insurance education.  

While many insurance education programs offer theoretical applications of insurance policies, the CIC designation applies technical expertise to actual case studies and relevant events. All courses within the CIC designation program are taught by active insurance practitioners, include policies and forms currently used in the field, and guide you through real-world scenarios to give you a deep understanding of what clients face today.  

  • Complex exposure and coverage solutions. 

CICs are recognized in the industry for their thorough understanding of complex exposures and appropriate coverages. A CIC designation enables risk and insurance professionals to better serve clients and manage risks with exceptional skill. It also demonstrates to clients a desire to further your insurance education, providing a sense of confidence in your presentations. 

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Agency/Company Benefits 

  • Client protection and retention. 

Having an in-house CIC demonstrates an organization’s commitment to client protection and retention. It also shows dedication to providing the highest level of service. CICs know how to acquire and retain new clients. They can meet client expectations by embodying your agency’s vision and mission statements and by shaping your agency’s brand. The CIC designation shows insurance professionals how to market for success and maintain long-lasting client relationships.  

  • Reduce errors and omissions. 

The insight gained from National Alliance CIC courses helps professionals minimize errors and omissions, protecting both clients and the company. Not only do CIC designation courses educate participants on coverage and exposures, they also discuss various E&O situations and how to mitigate E&O claims. 

Agencies with designated CICs, CISRs, and CRMs can also earn up to 10% off their agent’s Errors and Omissions premium through UTICA’s E&O Loss Control Credit Program. If 60% or more of the agency staff earn the CIC, CISR, or CRM designation, the agency is eligible for a 5% credit.  

Agencies may also earn another 5% credit for attending approved E&O such as the CIC Agency Management course, CISR Agency Operations course, the recently approved CRM Principles of Risk Management course, and the CPRM Practical Application of Personal Risk Management course. 

  • Technical knowledge and expertise. 

Known for their rigorous attention to detail, depth of technical knowledge, and trusted expertise, CICs can be relied upon to answer challenging property and casualty questions and navigate complex issues. Having a CIC insurance designation assures clients that the latest coverage solutions are applied to both personal and commercial lines insurance programs.  

  • Agency staff support. 

CICs are an invaluable resource to staff and are more often relied upon to help educate and assist peers who may be less experienced or do not have a designation. Not only does this build camaraderie and facilitate peer-to-peer problem solving, it also allows management to address other challenges. 

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Professional Benefits 

  • Salary advantages. 

Because it’s a highly respected industry designation, CIC designees are provided many opportunities to continually grow their book of business. 

  • Exclusive access to A-Rated Insurers.  

Through the CIC Select Program, designation holders receive exclusive access and special consideration with A-rated insurers, giving you an edge over your competition. 

  • High-quality continuing education (CE) credits 

Enrolling in CIC courses through The National Alliance CIC Program offers high-level, market-focused updates and CE credits, ensuring that you remain current in the ever-evolving risk and insurance landscape. 

  • Customizable designation. 

The CIC insurance designation program allows you to tailor your learning to specific interests through expanded curricula. Candidates in the process of earning the CIC designation can elect to include Certified Risk Manager (CRM) and Certified Personal Risk Manager (CPRM) courses as well. 

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How to Earn the CIC 

To earn the designation, you must successfully complete five courses and pass five exams within five calendar years. To pass the two-hour essay-style exam, participants must score 70% or better. Certified Insurance Counselor courses are conducted throughout the year, in-person and online, and are administered by The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research and 38 state association partners.


Established in 1969, the CIC designation was initially developed to help agents better understand Texas policies and increase professionalism through education. Today, the program has grown to benefit insurance professionals nationwide. Earning the CIC designation is a smart investment in your career, with numerous benefits for clients, agencies, and the professionals themselves. The insurance industry is extremely competitive, and a CIC designation distinguishes those with insurance jobs from those who have made insurance their career and professional focus.  

Take the next step toward advancing your career by enrolling in CIC classes today! 

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