Commercial Property


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Use this trivia-style review game to test your knowledge prior to taking the final exam for this course! 

Coinsurance Activity

Use this interactive review activity to test your understanding of coinsurance prior to taking the final exam for this course!

Section 1 – Part 1 – Structure of a Commercial Property Policy: Commercial Property Coverage Forms

Building a Commercial Property Policy

This video highlights some of the questions insurance advisors should ask their clients when discussing common commercial property insurance exposures, as well as exposures the client may not have considered 

Section 1 – Part 2 – Methods of Writing Commercial Property Insurance: Blanket Coverage

CIC Commercial Property Review

In this video, the knowledge base and tools that are essential for mastering commercial property insurance are introduced, with a special emphasis placed on the considerations of writing blanket insurance.     

Section 2 – Special Form Exclusions: Paragraph 2: Concurrent Causation Exclusions

Special Form Exclusions: Group 1 vs. Group 2

This video examines the differences in the policy language for the Group 1 and Group 2 exclusions found in the ISO Causes Of Loss – Special Form and how these differences impact coverage. 

Section 3 – Part 2 – Additional Condition – Coinsurance:
Coinsurance Option

Underestimating a Time Element Loss

Watch this video to walk through a real-world example of how to help your clients understand how much business income insurance they may actually need in order to recover from a catastrophic loss.   

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