Difference Maker Explains Why CICs Stand Out In The Industry


Insurance professionals have such an impact on our world that integrity is ingrained in all we do. We are charged with the task of conveying extremely complicated concepts to insured constantly and our accuracy makes all the difference. Tune is as host, Mitch Dunford interviews Paul Gagliotti, CIC, about how a National Alliance education has helped him succeed as a up-and-coming insurance professional. 

Paul is the President of Diversified Risk Solutions (retail brokerage) and CEO of Harbor AI (technology platform and insurance exchange model) in New York city. Harbor AI was recently named InsureTech’s top startup in 2019.  In this podcast, Paul talks to us about how insurance is infectious, why insurance salespeople are the best salespeople in the world, and why he thinks an education from The National Alliance should be mandatory. 

“Every CIC I’ve ever met is very, very well versed in insurance. They have such a high level of domain experience. It’s unbelievable.”

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