Difference Makers Podcast: Rethinking Traditional Marketing Approaches in Insurance


"We need to rebrand insurance; we aren’t just selling insurance we are helping people.”

Welcome to another episode of the Difference Makers podcast, where we showcase individuals who are making transformational changes in the insurance industry. In this episode, our hosts, Claire Richardson and Mitch Dunford, have a lively discussion with Peter van Aartrijk, CIC, Principal at Aartrijk – a marketing communications firm with a focus on the insurance industry.

As a pioneer in innovative marketing, Peter has brought unique approaches to an industry that can be considered mundane. With a fresh perspective, he has started an insurance-focused marketing communications company, a successful podcast, spearheaded on-the-fly interviews at industry events, and constantly challenges his clients to think outside the box.

Peter’s dedication to excellence is evident as he shares how he earned the CIC Designation to better understand the industry and write better content for his clients. This showcases his conviction towards continuously improving his craft, ultimately leading him to leverage his CIC knowledge to target his client’s marketing efforts better.

Join us as Peter shares his inspiring journey as a marketing communications leader and how a mindset of continuous learning has made him a true difference maker in the industry.

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