The Dynamics Series is renowned with agencies, companies, and carriers for its career-elevating sales techniques, sales management strategies, and motivational power.

Why Dynamics?

  • The Dynamics Sales Process transforms the traditional 25% close ratio to 70% of your presentations!
  • It’s a Sales Process that has revolutionized insurance sales careers for over 40 years as it constantly changes with the times
  • Dynamics is the only “insurance specific” selling process created & taught by top insurance sales professionals
  • The high closing ratio of the Dynamics process will skyrocket your personal income
  • We limit the class size to facilitates a transformative learning experience and provide personal attention
  • Virtual or Live Class – Our Master Insurance Agents work one-on-one with students to drill personal skills

What You’ll Learn: 

  • How to enjoy financial success in hard or soft markets
  • How to implement a personal process that has structure without taking away your personal style
  • How to empathize with prospects building solid relationships and their trust in you
  • How to quickly qualify an opportunity to determine if it will truly lead to a sale
  • How to avoid being used and walk away without burning a future opportunity
  • How to turn a price driven consumer to consider other aspects in designing their protection plan
  • How to direct the sales flow using very directed questions rather than lecture
  • How to speak to a consumer in common language to ensure buyer understanding
  • How to recognize an objection and bring it to a successful conclusion
  • How to develop successful personal target markets
  • How to turn your clients into your best referral source
  • How to build and manage a pipeline of future opportunities
  • How to change your selling style to match your client without seeming insincere


CE credit is approved in some states for live class. To determine specific credits for your state go to the CE Guide.

Get a fresh perspective on yourself as mentor, coach, friend, leader, and sales manager and learn to develop a sharp, productive, highly skilled sales force at Dynamics of Sales Management.

When it comes to insurance sales force performance, sales management is critical. The Dynamics of Sales Management program will focus your sales management skills, directing and elevating them. This cutting-edge course will increase your relationship skills and give you insurance-focused processes not available elsewhere. You will gain the organizational insights, analytical tools, and management ‘big picture’ thinking that will lead to an insurance sales team that will have sustained success.

Sales management is one of the toughest jobs out there. It involves taking on a great many tasks other than selling: attracting and retaining the right talent, training and developing new hires, and developing territory sales plans. Get a fresh perspective on yourself as mentor, coach, friend, leader, and sales manager and learn to develop a sharp, productive, highly skilled sales force with the Dynamics of Sales Management.

Topics Include:

  • Traits of today’s successful sales manager—How to make decisions that have a direct, positive impact on your bottom line
  • Agency culture—The specifics of creating and managing a team that’s motivated and that closes sales
  • Selection and hiring—Recruitment, retention, hiring, and firing techniques that maximize your team’s production
  • Resolving contract and equity issues—How to create win-win situations out of employment and commission agreements
  • Goal setting and monitoring—Proven ways to help your sales team break old habits and learn positive new ones
  • Compensation strategies—Elements of a compensation plan, and how a successful plan is developed
  • Managing the sales process—Strategies for evaluating your staff, driving an effective sales process, and ensuring great sales calls


State CE credit is approved in most states. To determine specific credits for your state go to the CE Guide.

Taken together, the three Dynamics of Service courses make up a comprehensive skill development program focused on delivering superior client service and effective complaint resolution strategies. Top quality, client-centered service allows agencies to maintain and develop income. Participants of these courses will also learn about account retention, account rounding, documentation, and other business tools that contribute to an agency’s overall success. 

Courses can be bundled or taken stand-alone. 

Business Skills of the CSR 

Build critical business skills that improve service and client retention. 

Soft Skills of the CSR 

Cultivate vital soft skills that enhance service quality. 

Responding to Complaints & Objections 

Learn how to effectively resolve customer complaints. 

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Learning Options

Instructor-Led Online

In-Person Classroom


What's in it for
Your Clients?

  • Practical, real-world information that provides best-in-class knowledge and best-in-class protection.
  • A well-designed and thorough profile of complex exposures and coverage remedies
  • Your in-depth knowledge of current approaches in both personal and commercial lines

What's in it for Your Agency or Company?

  • Low cost/High Impact for new employees
  • Choose topics relevant to your business
  • Self-study courses allow flexibility in completion

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