Advance Your Skillset This Earth Day with the Environmental Strategist Online Course


Our self-paced Environmental Strategist course arms you with the knowledge to set the bar high in environmental risk management.

In observance of Earth Day, we invite you to deepen your commitment not only to professional growth but also to environmental stewardship through our Environmental Strategist course. This self-paced program is meticulously designed to equip participants with unparalleled knowledge in environmental risk management.

Why Pursue the Environmental Strategist Course?

The landscape of environmental risks and liabilities is not static; it evolves in parallel with the regulatory, technological, and societal shifts. As such, the demand for informed, astute advisors in the field of environmental risk management has never been more critical. 

The Environmental Strategist Course stands as a comprehensive course, that enables professionals across many different fields to adeptly guide their clients in navigating and transferring environmental exposures. Amidst a backdrop of escalating pollution claims, the professional unprepared to address these challenges finds themselves at a distinct disadvantage.

What the Course Offers

Participants in the Environmental Strategist course will gain vital knowledge and skills, including:

  • Development of Environmental Awareness: Cultivating a deep understanding of environmental exposures and strategies for their management and transfer.

  • Advanced Navigation of Coverage: Mastering pollution and financial assurance coverage to ensure clients maintain a proactive stance in risk management.

  • Trusted Advisorship: Employing a detailed environmental insurance submission checklist and evaluation survey to solidify your role as a trusted advisor in environmental risk management.

Modernized Professional Development

The Environmental Strategist course considers the demands of the professional’s busy schedule, offering:

  • Self-Paced Learning: Flexibility to engage with course material on your timeline.

  • Accreditation: CE approval in 49 states, underscoring the course’s comprehensive recognition and respect within the industry.

  • Active Environmental Strategist Insights: Insight from industry specialist, Chris Bunbury, eS, bringing real-world experiences to your learning.

Reflecting on the course, Tyler Sperry, CIC, stated, “I found the Environmental Strategist class very intriguing; it really did a great job explaining the different ways you can cover pollution risks. After taking the class, it really makes you think of pollution in a different way and realize all businesses are open to a potential pollution risk.”

Embrace a Greener Future

This Earth Day, seize the opportunity to not only advance your career but also contribute to forging a sustainable future. Transform how businesses operate, guiding them toward responsible environmental stewardship.

Your journey to becoming a pivotal force in environmental risk management begins with the Environmental Strategist Course.

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