Ethics is about fairness honesty integrity

Legal & Ethical Requirements of Insurance Professionals

Self-Paced Online Course

Make Better Business Decisions 

Insurance professionals are held to good faith and fair dealing standard by regulators. 

The public and agency customers expect more than that.

Although ethics may be clearly defined as a system of moral principles or values, what is not so easily discerned is the correct ethical approach to business situations. 

Self-Paced Ethics Course 

The revised Ethics course teaches you the concepts of business ethics. You will learn where and how problems originate, the importance of using a Code of Ethics within an insurance organization, and the resulting benefits of abiding by that code. You will also learn how to manage workplace ethics with preferred behaviors and how to avoid potential conflicts.  

What you will learn:

Describe, define, and explain the importance of ethics in business. 

  • Foundation of Ethics  
  • Why Is the Topic of Ethics Important to Me? 
  • Ethics and Insurance 

Define “agent”; understand differences in authority and licenses, how insurance is regulated, and important federal and state regulations.  

  • What is an agent? 
  • Authority of Agents 
  • Agent Licenses 
  • State’s Authority to Regulate Insurance 
  • Federal Regulations 
  • State Regulations 

The “adhesion” principle and other aspects of insurance contracts. 

  • Introduction 
  • Terms of Contracts that Apply to Insurance Contracts 

Types of claims regularly paid by agents and errors and omissions insurance for negligent acts. 

  • Introduction 
  • Negligence Defined 
  • The Definition of Professional 
  • Court Cases 
  • Beyond Professional 

Major categories of agent obligations, the prevalence of fraud, laws when working with peers. 

  • Obligation to the Consumer 
  • Consumer Attitudes Towards Fraud  
  • Obligation to the Insurance Company 
  • Agent’s Obligation to Peers 

 NAIC Unfair Trade Practices Model Act, common laws relating to unfair claims settlement practices, E&O claims and policies, and the meaning of The Golden Rule. 

  • Unfair Trade Practices 
  • Unfair Claim Settlement 
  • E&O Coverage 
  • The Golden Rule 
  • Conclusion 

This course provides 4 hours of State CE and satisfies the Ethics requirement.

Completion of all self-administered quizzes and a proctored exam are required for Ethics Credit.

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