Getting Down and Dirty with David Carothers, CIC, CRM

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Let’s be honest: “sexy and exciting” are not the terms that come to mind when thinking about a career in insurance. So how do you attract the best talent into our industry?

Join us as we speak to entrepreneur, reality show host, and bestselling author David Carothers, CIC, CRM as he shares the secret recipe to building a successful team of top performers- whether they be producers, account managers, or even RMI newbies?

David R. Carothers, CIC, CRM, is the Principal of Florida Risk Partners, LLC, Catalyst Funding Solutions, LLC, The Founder of Killing Commercial Insurance Training, Host of The Power Producers Podcast, and Creator/Producer of The Protégé.

David is also the international best-selling author of The Extra 2 Minutes: How spending an extra 2 minutes on nearly anything in your sales career will take you from good to best in class!  He also has a new book, The Dirty 130 hitting shelves in January 2022.  David is also the managing member of Game Changers Marketing, LLC the entity that handles the distribution of advertising and marketing across all media channels in his portfolio.

David has degrees in Management and Marketing from Birmingham Southern College. He has spent nearly two decades in the Insurance and Risk Management space. David started his career with a multi-million dollar commercial risk management firm, where he was repeatedly recognized for exemplary achievement. 

In 2016, David followed his entrepreneurial spirit and launched Florida Risk Partners, an insurance and risk management firm focusing on middle-market commercial accounts. Florida Risk Partners has multiple office locations in the five counties surrounding the Tampa Bay region.

Because of his success at Florida Risk Partners, David often gets tapped to be a keynote speaker and breakout session presenter at industry conferences and associations, speaking on sales, prospecting, marketing, appointment setting, and closing accounts. 

While David is busy, it is important to note that his priority is his family. David and his wife Andrea live in Valrico, FL, with their children Grayson, Landon, Ethan, Caroline, and their faithful Golden Retrievers, Tanner, and Tucker.

The Extra 2 Minutes:

How spending an extra 2 minutes on nearly anything in your sales career will take you from good to “best in class”!

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