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Meg McKeen, CIC is back in the podcast studio with Chief Marketing Officer, Mitch Dunford and Scott Stricklin, CIC, CRM! An inaugural cohort member of the National Alliance’s new Dynamics Producer Coaching program, Scott shares his experience of the program and how it’s transformed his decades-long career. 

Tune in for a riveting discussion about how long-time producers active in today’s incredibly fast-paced industry can benefit from regular Producer Coaching. And don’t miss Scott’s insights about the evolution of insurance producers and how he leverages his CIC and CRM designations for success. 

Just like superstar athletes hire coaches, superstar producers can maximize their effectiveness with a coach who’s been there. Listen now!

8 Weeks of Practical & Technical Sales Coaching

Gain confidence and sell insurance successfully. Through both instructor-led and open-forum sessions in a safe, virtual environment, producers will learn new and relevant methods for building relationships with ideal clients, create accountability for progress toward their goals, and build a community of peers to support their growing insurance careers.

Meg McKeen, CIC

With over 20 years of insurance industry experience, Meg McKeen, CIC, founded Adjunct Advisors LLC in 2018 with the essential belief that we can do more for insurance professionals. Meg has extensive experience in underwriting, leadership, as an insurance agent, and is now an industry consultant. She has been involved in thousands of insurance negotiations and now holds space for insurance professionals as they grow their sales and leadership acumen through private coaching, consulting engagements, and the podcast she hosts: Bound & Determined. 

Scott Stricklin, CIC, CRM, CRIS

Scott Stricklin is a born and raised Mississippian, with the exception for a few years in Southern California and East Tennessee. A graduate of the University of Mississippi with a bachelor’s degree in 1988. A 30-year veteran of the insurance industry, he began his insurance carrier in 1990 as an Underwriter for Allstate – Spent 7 years there in Underwriting and Sales Management. Moved into the Commercial arena in 1997 with Liberty Mutual. Since then, he has worked with several agencies and National Brokers. Currently with Fisher Brown Bottrell Insurance, headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi.  With a presence in 5 states – MS, AL, TN, FL, and Houston, TX – His main focus as a Commercial Producer is working in the construction industry, with emphasis on Sub-contractors, such as Heating & Cooling, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Restoration. Another area of focus in the Healthcare area, specifically with Addiction Recovery and Substance Abuse facilities. He holds the CIC and CRM designation, as well as the CRIS (Construction Risk & Insurance Specialist) and is working toward his CPCU designation. He has one daughter, his “baby girl” who is 24 years (LOL).  Scott is an avid sports fan, he follows his alma mater, the Ole Miss Rebels, and is also a big New Orleans Saints fan. A lifelong lover of music, he also sings and plays guitar at several venues throughout the state.

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