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Meet the team members at The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research, whose dedication, expertise and vision are upholding out core values of Innovation, Imagination, Inspiration, and Integrity.

Introducing Debbie Brcka, who serves as the Director of Corporate Education Solutions.

As a fifth-generation Floridian, Debbie’s inspiring trajectory in the industry exemplifies her unwavering commitment to excellence and serves as an inspiring example for professionals in the risk management and insurance field.

As a single parent for most of her life she knows the importance and the security of having a career to be able to support yourself and your family.  After building a small independent agency with her husband, she found herself divorced with two young sons.   She drew strength from her experience and property/casualty license to navigate life, post-divorce. A business acquaintance turned friend, got her connected for an interview as a marketing representative for a small insurance carrier in South Florida to help build their footprint in Florida.  She loved it!  

Brcka’s career took a big leap forward when she joined the Bankers Insurance Group—a larger regional carrier based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Tucked under the wing of seasoned mentors, she thrived, learned, innovated, and expanded her professional horizon. From developing a solid ground for Bankers’ expansion across the United States to building a comprehensive network of professional relationships, she poured her heart into her work. Eventually, she was promoted to manage the sales team and after 27 years ended her career as SVP of Sales at Bankers.   

"I love helping organizations address their educational needs. There's nothing more rewarding than collaborating to find solutions and watching their teams grow and thrive."

But Debbie’s life doesn’t entirely comprise her profession. She is a proud mother of two successful sons. Both have spread their wings far and wide, graduating from the Rinker School of Construction at the University of Florida. They have made commendable strides in their careers as Vice Presidents of their respective companies.  Debbie also cherishes the moments spent with her 7-year-old granddaughter, Sloane.

A look into the rearview mirror of her life trajectory emphasizes the vital role mentors played in her successful career. Brcka not only believes in but also insists on continuous personal and professional development. 

Now leading the Corporate Education Solutions Department, Debbie and the team work with industry leaders to prioritize professional development and help carve successful paths for organizations.

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