Meet The Alliance: Jay Williams, CIC, CRM, CRIS, MLIS, AIP, AAI, ACSR


Introducing you to the individuals who propel The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research forward and shaping the future of insurance and risk education. Today, we are proud to spotlight Jay Williams, CIC, CRM, CRIS, MLIS, AIP, AAI, ACSR, Head of Faculty & Academic Development.

Jay Williams embarked on his career in the insurance industry somewhat unexpectedly in February 1979. Originally a music major, Jay transitioned to insurance, prompted by a familial connection and the immediate need for employment post-marriage. His early endeavors in debit insurance, influenced by his father’s 35-year career, led him to explore the Property & Casualty segment—marking the beginning of a significant journey. Jay dedicated nearly 21 years to roles as a producer, commercial lines manager, and agency owner, building a foundation of extensive experience.

His progression in the industry saw Jay assuming various executive positions within the Florida agent’s association, different insurance companies, and a construction risk wholesaler, in addition to a tenure as the Interim CEO for Applied Client Network.

Jay’s longstanding association with The National Alliance as a faculty member and Educational Consultant has been pivotal in his career.

“From my very first CIC program, I was hooked on what The National Alliance had to offer me. The way we educate people, through practical application and everyday, real-life examples, is so much more amazing than anything else out there!”

In 2020, Jay officially joined The National Alliance team as the Director of Faculty Development and ascended to the position of Head of Faculty & Academic Development in 2022. He now leads the selection, training, and oversight of all faculty and Educational Consultants. His responsibilities extend to managing schedules for society-sponsored and corporate events, exam administration, and supervising Academic Directors in curricula development for core designation programs.

Jay’s commitment to education and personal growth was underscored by his achievement in obtaining a Bachelor of Business Administration in Insurance and Risk Management from the University of Central Arkansas in August 2019, a feat he credits to Dr. Victor Puleo’s encouragement.

Jay’s passion for the courses offered by The National Alliance is quite evident when you hear him speak.  He and his teams are always looking for ways to make education fun.  He enjoys working with our amazing team of instructional designers as they work to take our curriculum into the future.

We celebrate and thank Jay Williams for his dedication and leadership in academic and faculty development at The National Alliance.

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