Meet The Alliance: Kimberly Skarren


Introducing the individuals who propel the National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research forward, shaping the future of insurance and risk management education. We are proud to spotlight Kimberly Skarren, CISR Elite, SILA-A, Director of Continuing Education.

A true Austinite, Kimberly embodies the spirit and resilience of her beloved Texas hometown in all aspects of her life and work. She began her career at the National Alliance 18 years ago, starting with data entry for course evaluations. Over the years, she has progressed through various roles within the organization, from overseeing facilities and print services to managing our client services team, ultimately reaching her current role as the Director of Continuing Education.

As the Director of Continuing Education, Kimberly holds a pivotal role, ensuring compliance with the regulations set forth by each State Department of Insurance. She guides her team through the various state requirements, overseeing the process of securing nationwide approval for our course content to qualify for continuing education (CE) credits. Following successful course completion, her team handles the reporting of CE credits for all licensed individuals, ensuring that each credit is accurately reported—a vital aspect for the renewal of their insurance licenses.

Under Kimberly’s leadership, The National Alliance has emerged as a trusted provider of CE Services to various clients. CE Services involve handling all backend processes for Continuing Education Providers, which includes tasks such as course content management, approval processes, credit reporting, and ensuring compliance with the State Departments of Insurance. This enables CE providers to streamline operations, reduce administrative burdens, and concentrate on creating and delivering top-quality educational content.

In addition to her work at the National Alliance, Kimberly has been an active member of the Securities & Insurance Licensing Association (SILA) since 2021. Her engagement has been instrumental in enriching industry knowledge and fostering invaluable connections with fellow insurance professionals. Her consistent attendance at the annual SILA National Conference and quarterly Texas Chapter and Education and Training Subgroup meetings serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment to professional growth and development.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Kimberly is a devoted wife and mother to two boys, finding joy and fulfillment in the rewarding chaos of family life. Balancing the demands of work and motherhood with grace and determination, she embodies the modern woman’s ability to thrive in multiple roles.

We are proud of Kimberly Skarren’s unwavering dedication and leadership to our participants and organization.  

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