On-Demand, Online ACORD Forms Training Now Offered from The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research


 The National Alliance released a new online, self-paced ACORD form training as part of a new insurance bootcamp series. The new ACORD Bootcamp trains insurance agents on how to properly complete ACORD forms, increasing efficiency, accuracy, and speeding up information processing with underwriters.

The ACORD Forms training gives agents a short but intense training on ACORD forms, an often overlooked but critical part of an agent’s daily tasks. This bootcamp includes practice forms, knowledge checks, tutorials, and interactive artificial intelligence to help agents train independently.

Director of Instructional Design, Beth Ottolini, MA, had this to say about the training:

“We wanted the ACORD forms training to relieve a common employee onboarding pain point. The series supplies on-demand training on how to complete the most used commercial ACORD forms so new insurance professionals don’t have to rely on time consuming apprenticeship from peers. The training guides learners through practice exercises that require them to use actual ACORD forms for fictional prospective clients. Learners receive performance feedback in real time through artificial intelligence and are given access to a library of ACORD forms with embedded video tutorials from the training series. This digital feature allows learners to refer to the content as needed once their course is completed. This low-risk, high-reward training is wonderful for anyone who is new to the insurance industry!”

Paul Martin, Director of Academic Content, shared this:

“The ACORD training series is exactly what agencies need to teach new commercial staff how to properly complete applications and create quality submissions for carriers. There’s simply nothing like it anywhere.”

The training series includes five Quick Skill Modules that include videos tutorials on how to successfully complete the General CommercialCommercial AutoCommercial PropertyGeneral Liability, and Workers Compensation ACORD forms. The modules can be taken in any order and are available for purchase a la carte or in a bundle.

Visit https://www.riskeducation.org/insurance-bootcamp-series/ for more information or listen to the podcast.

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