The National Alliance Revises Name to

The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research has changed its 55-year-old name and logo to reflect the nonprofit organization’s evolution and expanded services. The insurance industry’s leading professional development resource is now the Risk & Insurance Education Alliance, or simply The Alliance.

The rebranding process launched several years ago with research and input from stakeholders, which included volunteer board members in various industry roles, including carrier executives, faculty, and agency owners and service staff. The process resulted in a new name, logo and tagline, as well as an updated website home.

“The changes honor the proud partnerships we’ve built for decades — serving three million participants since our founding in 1969, but we’ve also modernized our look, and our new name better reflects the growing importance of risk management in the lives of businesses and families as well as in the careers of emerging industry talent.”

A new tagline (“Own your potential.”) and URL ( are also part of the rebranding. The team’s decisions were guided by The Alliance’s updated mission: “We’re excited to create professionals through practical education and technical guidance to shape the risk and insurance industry of the future, for the common good. 

The website features designation and course schedules; designee directories; links to webinars and podcasts; and the recently added online subscription membership options to help people earn designations quicker, including the Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC), Certified Risk Manager (CRM), Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR), Certified School Risk Manager (CSRM) and Certified Personal Risk Manager (CPRM).

“Alliance” was retained in the nonprofit organization’s name to embody its volunteer partnerships. The new name was solidified once the word “risk” was added. Anyone who has talked with college students or professionals considering a career change knows the word ‘insurance’ by itself does not attract much interest, but add the word ‘risk,’ and you’ve captured their attention. In sum, our name now represents the breadth of learning opportunities we offer and the fact that managing risk is the industry’s overarching goal.”


The Risk & Insurance Education Alliance, formerly known as The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research, is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Austin, TX. Our mission is to create professionals through practical education and technical guidance, leading the future of the risk management and insurance industry for the common good. We empower a professional community to shape tomorrow’s industry by providing practical education, technical guidance, and fostering a culture of lifelong learning and collaboration.

Our rebranding reflects our evolution and expanded services after 55 years of being at the forefront of professional development in the insurance industry. This change, including a new name, logo, and tagline, was driven by extensive research and input from our stakeholders. It honors our past partnerships while embracing the growing importance of risk management. Our new name, the Risk & Insurance Education Alliance, better represents our broad learning opportunities and our commitment to addressing risk in the industry.

Our mission remains focused on creating professionals through practical education and technical guidance but is now more aligned with the evolving needs of the risk management and insurance industry. We’re dedicated to shaping the future of the industry for the common good and empowering professionals to own their potential. While our core commitment to education, collaboration, and community hasn’t changed, our updated mission emphasizes our role in leading the industry through change and innovation.

We’re proud to have a profound impact on the industry. Here are a few highlights:

  • 98% of industry leaders use and recommend our programs.
  • 97% of our participants report improved job performance.
  • We have 71,000 active designated members, with thousands of new designees each year.
  • Over 3 million professionals have taken our CE classes.
  • We’re partnered with 95 of the top 100 agencies in the U.S.
  • Our average Net Promoter Score is 75 for 2023, indicative of our commitment to quality and member satisfaction.
  • We offer over 2,600 hours of curriculum and conduct over 1,900 educational programs annually.

We’ve made several enhancements to better serve our community. Our new website URL ,, is designed for instant identification. No more “SCIC vs. The National Alliance URLs”. 

No.  The Alliance’s leadership, board members, and non-profit statuses have not changed and have not been acquired by another company. 

Designation Earning Update Criteria, and Designation Statuses will not be affected with the rebrand.

Yes, your certificate will still be valid as our provider number with the state Department of insurance did not change. 

Yes, for the foreseeable future, if you email an address, it will be auto-delivered to the updated email address:

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Welcome To the Alliance!

The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research is now the Risk & Insurance Education Alliance, or simply “The Alliance”.  For more details, please read our Press Release.