Risk & Insurance Education Alliance Wins Business Insurance 2024 Innovation Award


The Risk & Insurance Education Alliance, formerly known as the National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research, is proud to announce it has been honored with a Business Insurance 2024 Innovation Award. This prestigious recognition highlights the Alliance’s exceptional work in developing AlliBot, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence tool designed to support risk and insurance professionals. 

The Business Insurance 2024 Innovation Award is a testament to the Alliance’s commitment to driving innovation within the industry. The Alliance was selected as one of the 10 national winners by Business Insurance and a panel of esteemed industry judges. This accolade underscores the Alliance’s dedication to excellence and role as a leader in the development of cutting-edge educational tools and resources for risk and insurance professionals. 

We are thrilled and honored to receive this prestigious award,” said Will Hold, MBA, CRM, CISR President & CEO of the Risk & Insurance Education Alliance. “AlliBot is a game-changer for our industry, and this recognition affirms our commitment to providing innovative educational solutions that empower risk and insurance professionals at any stage of their careers. 

AlliBot is an AI Knowledge Bot developed exclusively for risk and insurance professionals, built with the Alliance’s esteemed curriculum and publications. Monitored by experienced Academic Directors, AlliBot continuously improves to offer accurate and well-written responses. It supports diverse learning styles, aiding in navigating complex policies, exam preparation, concept understanding, and streamlining marketing efforts. Exclusively available to Alliance members, AlliBot marks a significant advancement in professional learning and collaboration, with potential future expansion to the broader industry. 

The Alliance continues to pave the way for innovation in the industry, building on its legacy of excellence and leadership. With the launch of AlliBot, the Alliance is poised to set new standards for education, training, and professional development in the risk and insurance sectors.  

For more information about AlliBot and The Alliance, please visit https://www.riskeducation.org/alli-bot/. 

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