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Let’s face it; we all know that our data is being tracked every time we go online. We see it in our Facebook ads, and it even makes us wonder if our phones are eavesdropping on us! While the idea of data collection seems scary, it certainly makes a lot of our online transactions much easier. But can it make our JOBS easier as well?

Join Dustyne and Cat as they chat with Olivia Schmitt, CIC, CISR from b atomic! and host of Liv Louder, as she helps us understand how agency management systems can be used for so much more than storing clients’ information. Learn how having an AMS can help discover hidden ways to make us more effective within our teams.

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Olivia Schmitt, CIC, CISR

brings her insurance agency experience and vast industry knowledge, strong leadership track record and small business expertise to the b atomic team.     

She started her insurance career in 2004 when she joined TRICOR Insurance as a customer service representative.  In 2013 she was selected to lead the company’s development of a division geared towards small business growth.  The role allowed Olivia to hone her skills by creating a strategic development plan for the department, overseeing operations, and hiring a team— experiences she continually draws on today. 

She also hosts the “Liv Louder” podcast where she highlights women in insurance and leadership with the goal of creating space for others to share their struggles and insight, seek advice, encouragement, and growth opportunities in their careers. 

Olivia Schmitt is a proud mom of three children who keep her busy!  Olivia enjoys downtime with her kids, quiet evenings with a good movie, cooking delicious food and playing and singing along to great music way too loud (according to her kids)!

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