The Awkward Intersection of Tech and Insurance: Live from Insurtech Insights


In this exciting episode of Awkward Insurance host, Dustyne Bryant, captured more expert conversations at Insurtech Insights in the USA, bringing an incredible lineup of guests who are at the forefront of revolutionizing the insurance industry through technology and innovative thinking.

Guest 1 Kristopher Lundberg: First up is Kristopher Lundberg, CEO of Insurance Tech Insights. He and Dustyne discuss the immense value that events like Insurtech Insights can bring to the independent agent channel. Kristopher emphasizes the importance of key stakeholders coming together to attend, learn, test, and advise tech start-ups, ensuring the development of technology that honors the industry’s rich history, passion, and processes.

Guest 2 Jacob Galecki: Next, Dustyne speaks with Jacob Galecki, Managing Principal of Galecki Search Associates. Jacob highlights a crucial issue – the missing dialogue between Insurtech and the insurance industry. He notes that in the past, insurance professionals developed technology for their industry, while today, “non-insurance” people are creating technology for the insurance space, leading to a disconnect. Experienced technologists are essential, but how can we start speaking each other’s language for better collaboration and understanding in the future?

Guest 3 Valkyrie Holmes: Then, Dustyne has a fascinating conversation with Valkyrie Holmes, the founder of Faura, a forward-thinking risk management company. They dive into the future of risk management through the utilization of large data sets. Valkyrie’s insights on how data can revolutionize risk management are truly eye-opening.

Guest 4 Scott Harrison: Scott Harrison, Co-founder of the American Insurtech Council, joins the discussion to talk about the looming future of regulatory responsibility as Insurtech evolves and becomes more expansive. It’s a critical conversation about navigating the regulatory landscape in an ever-changing technological environment.

Guest 5 Joseph Zaarour: Joseph Zaarour, co-founder of iSolvRisk, shares an innovative vision for professional development in the insurance industry. He and Dustyne discuss how engaging learning methods used in high school and college often don’t carry over into professional careers, making professional development feel boring. Joseph’s vision centers around gamifying the fundamentals of risk management education, making learning more interactive and exciting.

Guest 6 Laurissa Berk: Finally, Dustyne speaks with Laurissa Berk, Director of Global & Experiential Education at the University of Connecticut. UCON stood out at Insurtech Insights as the only booth not there to sell or pitch technology. Laurissa discusses how UCON, like The Risk & Insurance Education Alliance, understands that technologists need to have a deep knowledge of the industry they are building technology for. Listen to Laurissa describe how UCON is getting its students involved in shaping the future of insurance technology.

Tune in to this episode to hear these leaders discuss their innovative ideas and the future of the insurance industry and check out the previous LIVE stage recording to listen to an exclusive conversation about bridging the knowledge gaps and communication gaps between Insurtech and the insurance industry with Rick McCathron, CEO of HIPPO Insurance, and Jelani Fenton, President of E.G. Bowman.


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