Certified Risk Manager (CRM)

The Certified Risk Manager Program is an internationally recognized advanced education designation tailored for today’s risk management practitioners across a variety of occupations. Earners of the CRM designation are recognized for their expertise and commitment to the risk management industry. CRMs possess comprehensive knowledge of the five steps of the risk management process—identification of exposures, analysis of risk, risk control techniques, financing of risk and risk administration. CRMs have the tools to identify and manage emerging and evolving risks in an ever-changing business environment and understand the value of implementing ERM programs to minimize losses and maximize opportunities associated with risk.

  • Risk identification
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk control and mitigation
  • Risk financing
  • Risk management
  • Claims management
  • Compliance and governance
  • International and multinational risk management
  • Complete five 16-hour CRM courses and corresponding exams within 5 calendar years
  • Achieve a minimum score of 70% on each 2.5-hour essay-style exam, taken at the end of each course; and
  • Fulfill an update requirement by taking 16 hours in supplementary courses each year.

Why should you work with a Certified risk manager

Today’s risk management industry is big, complex, and full of variation. Each of us has a unique profile of risks and exposures. As you look at options to meet your present and future needs, the steady assistance of a competent and proven advisor is required.

Certified Risk Managers (CRM) is a nationally recognized designation—a visible symbol of technical knowledge, educational commitment, and ongoing professionalism. To become a CRM, I completed 80 education hours. Five advanced courses, covering all aspects of risk management, and I passed five rigorous examinations. To uphold the designation, I meet an annual continuing education obligation that distinguishes this designation program from other risk management training. CRM is my career-long commitment which makes me better able to serve your unique needs.

The CRM designation and lapel pin are marks of distinction that demonstrate my commitment to professional excellence and leadership in the risk management industry. I am proud to be among 6,000 CRMs in the world—the best and most knowledgeable risk management practitioners!

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