Allibot: A NEW Artificial Intelligence Learning Tool for HS Students Earning the CISR Designation


The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research, a leader in risk management and insurance education, announces the release of Allibot, an advanced Artificial Intelligence educational tool developed for High School Students earning the CISR Designation. Supported by a generous grant from the Texas Mutual Insurance Company, Allibot represents a new approach to learning in the insurance and risk management field.

Utilizing IBM Watson technology, Allibot serves as a sophisticated learning assistant designed to enhance students’ understanding of the insurance industry as they work to earn the CISR Designation. The Allibot prototype has been tested extensively, showing notable success in aligning with the high standards set for over 50 years by The National Alliance. Impressively, Allibot has earned her CISR designation and is actively working towards passing all of the CIC and CRM exams required to earn both designations, demonstrating the platform’s advanced capabilities and potential for further contributions to insurance education.

"The introduction of Allibot, and its subsequent availability to a wider audience, reflects our commitment to integrating innovative tools into education. By providing students and professionals with resources that support their academic and future career success in the insurance sector, we continue to lead in the advancement of industry education."

Allibot is designed to integrate seamlessly with The National Alliance’s curriculum, offering interactive learning experiences through personalized responses, examples, and quizzes to aid students in exam preparation and concept comprehension.

In addition to supporting high school students, Allibot is now also available to Texas University Associate Students, further expanding its impact within the educational community. 

Plans are in place to make Allibot accessible to all dues-paying members of The National Alliance in Q2 of 2024.

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