Commercial Inland Marine Coverages: Application and Modifications


Learn About the General Concepts Unique to Inland Marine coverages. 


Do you know who needs this type of coverage? Can you determine how and when coverage applies and how coverage may be modified?

Generally, every business will have an exposure that is best addressed through inland marine coverages.  Almost every business has an exposure to property in transit or property that is not confined to a fixed location. Commercial property coverage forms may provide small sub-limits for these exposures that create possible gaps in coverage.

Inland marine insurance evolved from ocean marine insurance.  Historically, ocean marine insurance covered property while it was in transit over the ocean. Because the goods or property were not at their final destination, this was not a traditional property exposure. There emerged a need to cover goods and property after they were loaded off ships.

Inland Marine Insurance filled the gap in coverage as goods transitioned from coverage under an Ocean Marine Policy to coverage under Commercial Property Policies. It has since evolved to cover a wide range of properties.

The CIC Commercial Multiline course prepares you to identify more than just Commercial Inland Marine exposures. This advanced insurance course covers Crime, Cyber, and Employment Practices exposures. Part of the CIC designation program, this course examines coverage available to address these exposures as you develop insurance programs for your clients.

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