Elevating Your Professional Journey: Introducing Progress Report Emails


To support and enhance the careers of professionals within the risk management and insurance industry, The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research is pleased to announce a strategic initiative designed to serve as a beacon of progress and achievement in your professional development journey. 

The introduction of the Progress Report email represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to providing resources that not only inform but to also inspire continuous learning!

The Intent Behind The Progress Report

The Progress Report email is crafted with a singular focus: to provide a clear and targeted pathway for professionals, both participants and designated members of our programs, to advance from their current designation “In-Progress” to “Awarded”. Once the designation has been earned, users can monitor their “Annual Update Status’.” 

This initiative underscores our dedication to your advancement, offering personalized guidance to fill any gaps in your qualifications and further your credentials in the industry.

Progress Report will be dispatched quarterly, aligned with significant periods of reflection and planning in professional schedules. This regimented approach ensures that professionals have timely access to the information needed to plan their next steps effectively.

Designation Progress & Tailored Course Recomendations

The Progress Report is not a one-size-fits-all communication; rather, it is finely tuned to address the specific stages and needs of our participants:

  • For Designated Members: Recognizing the achievements and aspirations of our designated members, the report delves into each member’s engagement with our offerings beyond their designated courses. It then thoughtfully recommends the remaining products necessary to qualify for their next award. This bespoke approach ensures that designated members are continuously in a position to enhance their professional stature and achieve their career goals.

  • For Non-Designated Participants: For participants embarking on their path to designation, the report identifies the product for which they are registered and provides recommendations on the remaining products required for designation. This guidance is crucial in mapping out a clear and achievable path towards fulfilling their professional potential.

The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research is committed to the growth, success, and continuous learning of its participants. The Progress Report email is a testament to this commitment, embodying our dedication to providing actionable resources that empower professionals to lead and succeed in the risk management and insurance industry.

The path to professional excellence is a journey we are privileged to share with you.

Reminder: Keep your PROfile Up to Date!

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