Emerging Talent Partners Program Builds Talent Pipeline for Risk & Insurance Industry

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Expanding the Risk & Insurance Industry's Emerging Talent Pipeline

The National Alliance proudly announces the rollout of our new Emerging Talent Partners Program, a funding initiative that provides critical support for our high school, collegiate and apprenticeship programs, with the primary objective to expand and diversify the risk and insurance talent pipeline. 

Your financial commitment in our inaugural program year ensures the growth and programmatic enhancement of the CISR High School Program, supporting school license fees, our employer engagement platform, and general program development. At its core, the CISR High School Program provides curriculum and content to equip high school students with exposure, access, resources, and the sought-after CISR credential, empowering students to pursue a career path and succeed in the risk and insurance industry.   

Currently, high schools in Texas, Michigan, Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Oklahoma, and South Carolina administer the program. Perry Township Schools in Indiana is set to start the program at Perry Meridian High School and Southport High School with more than 50 registered students in Fall 2023. 

Your support will have an enduring impact as we undertake strategic initiatives to inspire more students to begin careers in risk and insurance through innovative engagement and widespread outreach. 

Join our collective effort today and become an Emerging Talent Partner 

Contact us for more information about the Emerging Talent Partners Program or to donate today.

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