Press Release: New CSR Podcast Series – Episode 2: I’m Your Agent, Let’s Talk About Sex.


Austin, TX, November 23, 2020 – The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research recently launched a new podcast series titled Awkward Insurance. The podcast is intended for Insurance Service Representatives (CSRs) but contains insightful content for all insurance and risk management professionals.

As described, the podcast “strives to bridge the thrilling world of insurance with the real-life struggles” of active insurance and risk management professionals. The description states that “for producing and servicing agents, insurance centers around relationships and personal connection and let’s face it, building relationships can be awkward.” The podcast brings those awkward situations to light through conversations that are unscripted, unplanned, and humorous when least expected.

This series is part of the Nat Alliance NOW Podcast family, the umbrella brand created by The National Alliance. Podcasts like Awkward Insurance help participants receive more nuanced practical information that can further their careers and deepen their knowledge of insurance concepts. The Awkward Insurance Podcast will also take deep dives into industry hot topics not otherwise delved into during courses due to time restraints.

Host and National Alliance Academic Director, Dustyne Bryant, MBA, CIC, CISR, said this about the new podcast series:

“We’re lovable weirdos talking about coverage and how The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research can support insurance professionals and participants. Guests and I discuss how to use different policies, uncover nuggets of coverage applications, and sprinkle awkward conversations throughout. Industry insiders know that insurance can be messy, especially with new risks and coverage challenges popping up every day. We hope listeners find this podcast to be insightful and join us as we have candid conversations about everything we know and everything we don’t.”

The first podcast episode aired on October 22 and covered the topic of gender reveal parties and their recent impact on the insurance industry. The next episode will air on November 20, 2020 and is titled, “I’m your agent. Let’s talk about sex.”

Listen here or on Apple Podcasts, Google Play or any of your other favorite podcast platforms.

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Media Contact:
Dustyne Bryant, MBA, CIC, CISR
Personal Lines Academic Director

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