The Passing of a Lovely Friend: Marietta McCain, CIC Emeritus

Picture of Bettie Duff | Senior Vice President/CIC Secretary

Bettie Duff | Senior Vice President/CIC Secretary

Marietta McCain, CIC Emeritus

May 28, 1938 – June 10, 2024

With deep sadness, we announce that Marietta passed away on June 10, 2024. She was known by the insurance community for her leadership, integrity, character, and knowledge. Marietta began her insurance career at the Coleman Insurance Agency. After the passing of Mr. Coleman, she and Mr. Dunlap started an agency where she served as Vice President for 17 years. In 1980, she and George Luhn established the Luhn-McCain Insurance Agency of San Antonio, Texas, where she served as President and majority owner for over 30 years.

Marietta’s life is an insurance tapestry woven with a bright thread of education. She was blessed and honored to have both her daughters, Niki and Donna, working with her, and then having her granddaughter, Kim, join the agency was an additional rewarding experience. Marietta’s first step for Kim was enrolling her in The National Alliance Producer School, where Marietta also taught sessions. Both daughters earned their CIC designations, and Marietta, serving on the CIC Board of Governors, presented their CIC diplomas at the conferment ceremony—a memorable event for all. Education meant the world to her because, as she emphasized in an interview, you had to be on equal footing or ahead of the competition! She told us she built her foundation for success with the CIC program. She cherished the bond among CIC participants and their shared goal of educating themselves for the betterment of the industry and the clients they served.

Marietta took great pride in all her employees at the insurance agency. She told us that their respect for each other, strong work ethic, and spirit of mutual cooperation to get the job done made for a wonderful work experience. Optimism, enthusiasm, and passion for clients motivated her workforce. Providing an opportunity to share with those less fortunate gave her agency a special bond. They contributed to the Santa Stocking Party for the children at Boysville Shelter.

We were fortunate to have Marietta serve on the CIC Board of Governors from 1993-1999, with her being the first female Chairman of the CIC Board in 1999, our 30 anniversary year.

Marietta was a shining light for many insurance industry organizations, serving on the Board and becoming President of the Insurance Women of San Antonio in 1972 and President of the Independent Insurance Agents of San Antonio in 1980. Marietta became the only female President of the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas in 1989. We have all benefited greatly from knowing and having Marietta as our dear friend!


What I’ve learned along the way:

  • It’s not about you. Get your thoughts off yourself. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Count your blessings and help those less fortunate.
  • Don’t gossip, grumble, or complain. Use words wisely. Give others the best model of behavior possible. In doing so, you will be giving yourself the gift of good choices.
  • Be able to laugh at situations, especially at yourself. Don’t take life too seriously.
  • Choose not to worry. Work on those things you can change, and don’t worry about the things you can’t. Develop a positive attitude about life and people.
  • Look for the blessings and not the problems. Bark less and wag more.

-Marietta McCain, CIC

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